Bharati Karedla
Mrs. Bharati Karedla
Tech In Charge, VKInfotek
Mysore, India

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  • What I Do

    Our company goal is to teach application development to software developers. 

    My job is to development applications, research and compile content relevant to the application development process, to help readers master software application development.

  • Why Engineering?

    I come from a small village in India. But, luckily I had a very good Maths and Science teacher, Mr. Gopal Rao. 

    I was good at finding quick solutions to maths problems. My teacher, suggested I take up engineering. 

    Took the state wide qualifying exam. Stood 319, and secured a seat in Kakinada Polytechnic College for women.

  • School Days

    I went to school in Repalle, a small village in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. 
    Satya Sai High School. 

    I have a Diploma in Computer Science, Polytechnic College. Stood second in class.

  • My Day At Work

    Developing applications, Learning new technologies, Research, Identifying technologies which are in demand (very important), Compiling content 

  • Best Part

    Technology keeps improving. 
    Logical thinking.

  • Proud Moments

    Having my books as a part of course curriculum for an Engineering degree. (for a short while) 

    Readership in 75 countries. 

    Mastery over End to End application development. 

    Mastery of ERP domain, including complex finance domain.

  • Challenges

    Coming from a rural background found it tough to catch up with busy city colleagues. 
    Lack of English speaking and writing skills, when I started out. 
    Having a different work / entertainment ratio from my colleagues. 

    I have conquered the first two and working on the third!

  • My Family

    I am married to Krishna, an Engineer, and have a son who is in a law course. 

  • Dreams and Goals

    Short term - Provide more value to readers. Include videos without increasing cost of our best selling pack. 

    Long term - teach as many people as possible - End to End Application Development.

  • Inspiration

    My grandmother - she taught me patience, reposed confidence in my abilities. She used to say 'if you can't do it, who will?' 

    My husband - he has taught me to share and spread knowledge.

  • Want to be an Engineer?

    Go for it.

  • Hobbies

    Nature Trekking. Movies (I like listening to stories). 

  • Any other stories or comments you would like to share with EngineerGirl visitors?

    Remember good about your past, shows you have hope for the future.

Engineering Diploma in Computer Science Author Trainer at VKInfotek Author of 9 books Currently on Shelf: Develop Azure Applications Develop IoT Applications Develop Web ERP Software using ASP .Net, C# Database Programming using C# Develop MVC Applications Trainer - conducted training programs for various companies and educational inst. Core competency - ERP Software Development, Including Finance, Stock, Man, CRM, SCM modules (HR module not included), End to End Application Development
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