Stephanie Cheung
Stephanie Cheung
PhD Student, University of Toronto

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I am a PhD student researcher in Biomedical Engineering and the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. I am interested in applying engineering approaches to the study of speech and hearing, and to harness people's interest in music and sound for health management and rehabilitation. As a researcher, I ask lots of questions and spend a lot of time problem-solving to find answers. I have a BEng (Electrical & Biomedical Engineering) and an MASc (Electrical & Computer Engineering) from McMaster University, and use that training every day. Currently, I work in the University of Toronto's CONNECT Lab to study the development of speech-motor control, a complex system that allows us to speak through the quick coordination of many muscles. This research is important to understand how we develop the ability to speak. My research could also contribute to the design of rehabilitation programs for people with speech disorders.
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