Yasmin Jawad
Yasmin Jawad
Design and release engineer, Ford Motor Company

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Yasmin Jawad
Hi there! My name is Yasmin Jawad and I graduated from university of Michigan with a bachelors in computer engineering. I've been fortunate to have over 13 years working at various companies in the automotive world and absolutely loving it. I am also a mom to 4 wonderful children while maintaining a full time job and a side business. I have been beyond blessed to have an amazing career path, however, I have met so many young students and females along that path that needed help (as I did initially) or simple advice on how to progress professionally in their career. I now help by passing along this info that I know has worked so well for me and others I have helped, and hence the creation of my Instagram account Modern_Day_Success to get my message out there and help as many professionals as I can.
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