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AddedMonday, April 2, 2012 at 10:23 AM

From Information Systems to Communication Engineering
Hello Eng.Mariam, I will try to be quick so as not to waste your time. I hope you can be patient & understanding to give me your advice. My name is Nana, 25 years old, holding a B.Sc. in Information System from the Sadat Academy in Egypt. I was very confused at the undergraduate stage that I didn't know what I wanted to become and I wasted my chance to do it early. But now I know I want to become a communication engineer, though it seems rather late. I would like to receive your advice about how I should proceed with this, because with normal procedures here, I'll need to spend the next 7 years doing this ( 2 years at highschool to specialize in math devision & 5 years at the engineering faculty). I know that my request is quite irrelevant to the website's content, but I really admired your profile and looked up to you. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Looking forward to hearing from you. Peace upon you. Nana
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  • Answered Monday, April 2, 2012 at 10:23 AM
    Dear Nana, I am not aware about your system in Egypt, although I would rather not to start from the beginning. I recommend not duplicating your degree. You already have your BS in IT. So now you could go for your graduate studies. I mean since you are holding a BS Degree in Information Technology, you could go up further in your study. You could go for your Master in Communication in another country if not in Egypt. You may need within your Master in Communication to spend one or two semester in pre-requisite courses which will help you to recap. You don't need to go back and study for a BS again! So many organizations support women in Science and Engineering (US Europe), and you could apply online for scholarships. You also could search theIEEE web-site for scholarships availablethat you could apply for. Wish you all the best. Regards Maryam Al Thani IEEE Women in Engineering Coordinator, Region 8