Karla, Washington DC asked Seetha Raghavan, University of Central Florida

AddedMonday, May 26, 2014 at 11:12 PM

Choosing between Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Dear Ms. Seetha Raghavan, I am in a debate of whether or not to became a mechanical or aerospace engineer. As time passes by I feel that my heart goes for aerospace because one day, I would like to be a part of creating space shuttles or satellites... Anything space related! Yet my dilemma is that I know MechE's could do this as well, as they can also work not only in the aerospace industry, but in many other areas as well. I feel that after I graduate college, I will have a much more difficult time finding a job in what I really want to do, which breaks my heart. Should I go for aerospace engineering, or should I play safe and go towards mechanical engineering? Thank you!
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