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Confidence is the Key
I have bachelor degree of science in Electronics and Communication from India and now I am getting second bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in USA. I love doing Math and Science. But I am looking much younger than I am and I am so skinny too. I am so worried about getting job. I feel like they will reject me only at looking me, the way I look so delicate. And I haven't any work experience in this field, so I feel like I don't know anything about engineering. I am so worried. Please help me getting out of this frustration.
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  • Jennifer Bernhard , University of Illinois
    Answered Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 4:54 AM
    Hi, Darshita! I understand your frustration with the situation -- it is a feeling that lots of young women have, especially at this stage in their careers. My advice on this is to put your best foot forward and make sure that you feel confident going into the interviews. You can do lots of things to make sure that you feel confident in the interview. The first, and most important, is to be confident in your technical abilities and knowledge. This will be reflected in your course grades that any interviewer will see, and also in how you answer technical questions during the interview. For this, you can practice answering questions with a friend, or there may be a practice service available at your university's career center. You mentioned that you didn't have any experience in the field. While you're still in school, you can pursue an internship or an engineering coop experience that will also help to build your confidence and your resume. If those two aren't an option, you can investigate the possibility of getting some research experience with a professor at your school. You can approach the professor directly, or talk to an advisor to see how to get involved. This will also help to give you some experience and build your resume. Another aspect of feeling confident in the interview is being comfortable and confident in your appearance and demeanor. Choose clothing that is professional, tasteful, and that is something that an adult would wear. In other words, wear a suit. Even if you are small and look young, the clothes will help you to feel and appear older and make a good first impression. Best, Jennifer Bernhard