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AddedThursday, October 3, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Student in mechanical engineering interested in chemistry
H! I am in a huge dilemma. I am currently a 3rd year mechanical engineering student at my university. It is impacted, so I decided to stick with it. But, I really miss chemistry and I'm starting to think that maybe I like chemistry more than I like mechanics. I don't want to work on engines, cars, etc.,but I want to design power plants, work in the pharmaceutical or food/chemical industry, and my ultimate goal is studying materials science in graduate school, since my university doesn't offer that major. I'm not a very "hands on" person and I've never really built anything in my spare time (most other people in mechanical seems to have an advantage over me in that respect). I am in such a bind, because my mom is getting angry because I'm always changing my mind about which engineering I want to go into, and I'm over here thinking about chemical engineering constantly. I would most likely graduate in about the same time for both majors. Do you think that I should just stick it through with mechanical? Will I be able to go into chemical or materials science from mechanical in the future? Can I work in the pharmaceutical/medical/chemical industry with mechanical engineering degree? Thank you! (Sorry for writing so much! I am so lost and sad, I don't know what to do anymore)
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