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Catholic University's BME Program
Hi there! I'm planning on majoring in Biomedical Engineering and was recently accepted to Catholic University! Part of what draws me towards Catholic is the fact that it is in DC, my favorite city, and is relatively small. Seeing that you used to be a professor there, I would love your opinion! Are the resources and opportunities at Catholic and in DC any better than what I would get at a big state school (I'm thinking LSU)? And what was your favorite part about Catholic's biomed eng program?
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  • Corinna Lathan , AnthroTronix, Inc.
    Answered Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 6:36 PM
    Hi Caroline!
    CUA's program is great!  I chose to teach there because it was a nice size and had a good balance of opportunities for the students and the faculty.  You will have great liberal arts to balance your technical classes, great access to your professors, and access to all the resources in DC, both personal and professional.  The big difference b/n a small school and a larger school is that personal attention and ability to work closely with professors.  Many of the professors in the biomed program at CUA do work at NIH and the National Rehabilitation Hospital. 
    College decisions are hard.  I'd look at the research areas of the professors where you are going and find someone who inspires you.  It's the personal connections you make in college that will help you in life after college as well!
    best wishes!