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Management with Graduate Work in Industrial Engineering
Hello Everyone!. I'm Shrishti, I have completed my engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication. I'm also having a experience of 1.2 years as a sales executive in an MNC & now I'm planning for master in industrial engineering. I have some questions in my mind & I hope & expect that you all will help me out.
I want to know whether after completing bachelor's in electronics engineering is it a wise decision to go for industrial engineering? I have a reason for choosing IE as an option. In my opinion IE is the best option for me coz it's the perfect mix of Engineering & management since I always wanted to go for management courses. The reason I don't want to go for MBA is that I don't want to leave my field (Engineering). If someone can provide a detail information about the field & it's scope & salary prospects I think it would be helpful for me.
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  • Mary Braud , FedEx Express
    Answered Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 7:56 AM
    Dear Shrishti, IE is a very broad field with applications ranging from construction management (think hard hat) to supply chain design and management (think of how hospital supplies get from the supply room to all areas) to budget/productivity/efficiency analyses (what I do for FedEx). Many universities offer an Engineering Management Masters, so that may be something you wish to consider as well. Many companies will be unwilling to hire a recent graduate straight into management without any previous experience, so it will be wise for you to gain some experience through internships/work-study before you start applying for a full time job. If you are successful in getting a management type job after your Masters degree, you can probably expect a salary range between $70-$90k. Hope this helps! Thanks, Mary