Molly Lebowitz
Molly Lebowitz
Business Analyst, Intel Corporation
Portland, OR

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  • Why Engineering?

    A bachelor’s degree in engineering has a lot of power in a highly competitive job market. It is one of the only majors you can graduate with and be virtually guaranteed a job right away. And environmental engineers are in demand everywhere in the world. I was able to choose exactly where I wanted to live—Seattle!

  • School Days

    B.S. in biological and environmental engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. I started as a biology major, but switched programs to combine engineering with natural sciences and research. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted, but I found it in the end.

  • Best Part

    It’s such a versatile field. Engineering is all about problem solving, and a good problem solver is useful to every field in the workforce - academia, business, research and development, tech - you name it! Engineering is a door to a limitless career. 

  • Hobbies

    I’m embarrassingly addicted to Sudoku.

  • My Family

    I have a wonderful partner and son who inspire me every day to do great things! 

Molly has worked in the environmental field as a consultant engineer, helping industrial clients to comply with environmental regulations and doing preliminary design work on environmental projects. Molly has also run a program to teach engineering and robotics classes for kids in the Seattle area with Play-Well TEKnologies. Currently, Molly is a Business Analyst at Intel Corporation, guiding the business strategy behind the Enterprise Data Center transformation!
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Cornell University College of Engineering (2007)
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