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Minor with a BME degree
Would you suggest getting a minor with a biomedical engineering degree? if so, what would the minor be? Along with math and science, I have an interest in medicine so is there a minor that I could look into that's mainly focused on medicine?
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  • Monique Frize , Carleton University and University of Ottawa
    Answered Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 7:35 AM
    Undergraduate programs differ with each College and University. Some of them offer a degree in biomedical with another major possible, others with a minor, and others just the main program of biomedical engineering. An example is Drexel University in Philadelphia. In Canada, (as at Carleton and University of Ottawa) students normally get a degree in biomedical engineering combined with a major such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemical engineering. Since biomedical programs contain a fair amount of physiology, medical devices, etc.. I think it is important to have a strong base in either an engineering discipline like electrical (which is my major) for focusing on medical devices; or mechanical if one is interested in rehabilitation and aids for the disabled. Computer science or computer engineering would provide a good background for medical informatics. So I suggest you look at the programs from a few colleges you are interested to apply to and decide how the program combines with your interests. Best wishes for a successful and satisfying career! Prof. Monique Frize, P. Eng., O.C. Carleton University and University of Ottawa