Cassidy, Tallahassee asked Peggy Layne, Virginia Tech

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Questions about women in Math, Science, and Engineering
Hello, I am a freshman engineering student at Florida State University. I am currently working on a project for my Women in Math Science and Engineering class where I have to contact people in my intended career field, ask them questions, and then write a paper about the responses I receive. If you could please answer a few questions for me, I would greatly appreciate it! 1.) Do environmental engineers work with renewable energy? 2.) Are there any internships or opportunities for undergraduates that you would recommend looking into? 3.) Have you ever found it challenging working as a women in a male-dominated field? 4.) What is something you wish you knew as a freshman in college?
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  • Khadijah Latiff , Chicago Transit Partners
    Answered Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 7:01 PM
    Cassidy 1. Mechanical and Electrical work with renewable energy. energy is power, power is generated either chemically (petroleum, natural gas), mechanically (wind, hydro), or by radiation (nuclear, solar). If you are interested in renewable energy generation such as wind, or solar, you should look into electrical or mechanical engineering. 3. Working in a male dominated field is difficult sometimes but it gets better the longer you stick with it and show them. My male coworkers treat me no differently.