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Chemical vs. Biochemical vs. Food
Hi..i'm emy i love chemistry so much. i’m now studying foundation for engineering in a local university and i was thinking to further my degree in biochemical engineering or chemical engineering, but i’m confused 1) i would love to know the difference between the two courses 2) what are the differences between working as chemical engineer compared to a biochemical engineer? 3) which has higher job opportunities? (since i am in malaysia), 4) if i want to be a food engineer, which degree course should i take?
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  • Answered Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:39 AM
    Dear Emy, Twenty years ago, most chemical engineers did not study biology! Have you taken a course in biochemistry yet? If you love that as much as chemistry, then you know that you will enjoy a career in food engineering. As biological engineering became an important field twenty years ago, some chemical engineering programs incorporated biological engineering into their curriculum. Some universities started separate programs in biological engineering where chemical engineering techniques were applied to biological processing and production operations. If the university you are attending has both programs, you probably will find the biological engineering program best suited to food engineering. Perhaps you can talk to some of the students who are already in these programs to get a better idea of the content. I am sure you will find lots of excitement and rewards in pursuing any engineering career there are so many challenges and opportunities available if you have a good fundamental education! Many good wishes, Lis