Akshara, JAIPUR asked Sunita Satyapal, United Technologies Research Center

AddedSunday, January 5, 2014 at 8:02 AM

How to apply for jobs outside of career fairs?
Hi Sunita, I am a pre-final year undergraduate student at MNIT, Jaipur, India. I want to know how can I apply for internship and job opportunities in companies that do not come at my university campus, both in and outside India. Could you please give your advice for the same?
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  • Sunita Satyapal , United Technologies Research Center
    Answered Sunday, January 5, 2014 at 8:02 AM

    Hi Akshara,

    Although the easiest way to get an internship is through on-campus company recruiting, another way is by searching online or through professional publications.  It also depends on what field you are in.  For example, there are magazines like Chemical and Engineering News (C&E News) that often advertise.  Other professional societies like the American Physical Society, American Chemical Society or American Society of Mechanical Engineers have advertisements or recruiting events at major conferences.  Very often, major conferences hold networking and career events and you can look online to view their programs.  Since it is not always easy to get a visa to work abroad, you may also want to search for local companies in your area of India.  Most will have good websites- major international companies have several locations in India and going directly to their Human Resources Department on their website can help answer your questions.  Your professors should also have connections and most are happy to help find intern positions for their students.

    I definitely recommend getting an intern position as an undergraduate- all the best!