Skyler , Indianapolis, IN asked Patricia Galloway, Pegasus Global Holdings, Inc.

AddedTuesday, December 3, 2013 at 12:59 PM

Should I find a new job after only a year?
Ms. Galloway, I am currently a engineer in training that works for a small water resources firm in Indianapolis, IN. I have an associates degree in Land Surveyingand a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. I am almost one year into my current position, but my development as a young engineer has not been the experience that I have anticipated. I believe I have been pro active in trying to take the lead on many projects and offering new ideas. Many of my ideas have not been implemented within the office or projects. I have complete understanding that not all of the ideas I have are of good nature but there are many that will make my position easier on me and my project managers. I want to know your opinion on if it is okay for a young engineer like me to be searching for another position with a bigger company. I feel as a young engineer I need a company that has a mentor program that has a vision to grow their engineers to become leaders striving for more. Many of the engineers I work with are very comfortable where they are and it seems they are not wanting more. I guess I am asking what might I do as a young engineer who needs more challenges in the profession? Think you for your time and the advice, it is greatly appreciated. Best regards, Skyler
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