Tanima, California asked Melinda Piket-May, University of Colorado at Boulder

AddedMonday, March 11, 2013 at 1:47 AM

Working in a male-dominated field
Hi Melinda, Firstly I just want to say that your story has been very inspirational to me and I'm sure it is influential for many, many more bright young women looking to pursue engineering degrees. My cousin has been constantly trying to dissuade me from pursuing engineering, especially electrical engineering because he happens to be a manager at an electrical power plant, and he quite frankly has told me he doesn't see me as the type of person to be working in such "man-dominated" environment. What I'm not too sure about is whether I would be able to either. I mean, when I think of becoming an electrical engineer I think about working on designing phones/computers/circuits/etc...exciting things that don't involve working at power plants. Is becoming an electrical engineer really just mostly about working at a power plant with no innovative liberties? Any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated, Thank you!!
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