Irina Natalia Spinu
Irina Natalia Spinu
Mechanical Design Engineer, EFC separations BV
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I am Irina :) I come from Cluj-Napoca, Romania and currently I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I finished my bachelor and master in the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, my home town. I worked as a design engineer in Romania for one year, designing mainly agricultural machinery and transport pallets for car parts. Since 2013, I work at EFC separations BV in Delft, The Netherlands where I design water treatment systems using a new and innovative technology called Eutectic Freeze Crystallization and a sub-branch of it called Freeze Concentration. More info about this you can find on the company's web site ( The company where I work now is a small spin-off from the Technical University of Delft, this meaning that we are in close connection with the university, we do a lot of research and we are even located on the campus site. I enjoy what I'm doing and I'm open for any questions about life as a girl-engineer :)
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