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AddedWednesday, June 25, 2014 at 11:16 AM

Choosing between Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
Hey! I just passed 2th std. and now I have decided to do engineering. I am going to take up Electrical or Instrumentation engineering. But my question is that, which one would be a better choice? I'm interested in topics like electrostatics, magnetism etc. But i also like instruments. Can you tell me which one has better scope and which one get me a good job? I will do Masters (M.Tech) in it after i graduate! If I do masters, den is it sure that I will get a job with an awesome salary?! and one more! does electrical eng. include programming lang like c++ in any way?! Thanks in advance!
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  • ASLI ÖZKARA , Siemens
    Answered Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 11:16 AM
    Hi Prachi,
    I'm glad to see a young woman who prefers to become an engineer.
    I do not believe that a major can find people a (better) job.
    People themselves can seek for opportunities and success.
    Let me give you some ideas what can you do after graduate from instrumentation and electrical engineering.
    They both have programming languages included. You can use whatever you want (C++, matlab..)
    If you graduate from instrumentation engineering, you can work as operation, maintenance, purchasing engineer in the power plants, industrial places, wherever a process is implemented. Or, you can work at manufacturers, distributers, contractors to sell or operate the products or the systems or you can work at the R&D department.
    When it comes to electrical engineering, you also can work at the same places I mentioned above. Where your interest may be more on bigger systems such as High/Medium/Low Voltage Systems, Low Current Systems, Power Generation etc.
    You can also work at operational/maintenance, purchasing, R&D, sales or project management.
    I am probably missing some other sectors or areas that you can work.
    But sum of all, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you in both professions.
    I can suggest you to be the best in whatever you choose.
    Best wishes.