Intan, Malaysia asked ASLI ÖZKARA, Siemens

AddedFriday, May 23, 2014 at 12:05 AM

Choosing an engineering degree
I am taking foundation in physical science and I am still don`t know what field of engineering should I continue for my degree. I had in my mind to be an electronic , mechanical or chemical engineer. But I don`t know which one suit me well and I think the prospect for engineer is more to man. I had once think to take medic for my foundation as it suit woman prospect but I really can`t get along with my biology as it has to remember facts. I can perform well in subjects such as physics , add math , math and other related to that. I don`t need to put so much effort to learn that subject . Futhermore , I had apply an a level program to German. So, can you suggest for me an engineering field that has prospect for woman especially. I am really blurr and jammed thinking about this. I am really appreciate if you can spend some of your time answering my immature question. Thank you. Asli Ozkara. Sincerely, Me
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