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Choosing an engineering degree
I am taking foundation in physical science and I am still don`t know what field of engineering should I continue for my degree. I had in my mind to be an electronic , mechanical or chemical engineer. But I don`t know which one suit me well and I think the prospect for engineer is more to man. I had once think to take medic for my foundation as it suit woman prospect but I really can`t get along with my biology as it has to remember facts. I can perform well in subjects such as physics , add math , math and other related to that. I don`t need to put so much effort to learn that subject . Futhermore , I had apply an a level program to German. So, can you suggest for me an engineering field that has prospect for woman especially. I am really blurr and jammed thinking about this. I am really appreciate if you can spend some of your time answering my immature question. Thank you. Asli Ozkara. Sincerely, Me
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  • ASLI ÖZKARA , Siemens
    Answered Friday, May 23, 2014 at 12:05 AM

    Dear Intan,

    When you ask me to tell you which Major/Job is suitable for Women, I'll answer that it depends on each person. Some become an artist, some musician, some engineer, some doctor etc. Please forget about the imposition of the society about who can do what ;) Just try to figure out how you'll be happy. For example, I love challenges and changes. Routine is not my thing. So as Electrical Engineer, I am not in the Design department but managing High Voltage Substations in Iraq. I understand that you are a hard working and a smart girl, you can be whatever you want.

    Keep me informed about your choices.

    Kind Regards.