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A Civil Engineering Advice
Hi! My name is Amanda and I'm in my second year at FIU, a university in Miami. I found your biography to be interesting and somewhat similar to mine while I was in high school! I also wanted to be an architect but I didn't pursue it because of the low salary. I went to an arts high school which is where I discovered my ability to draw and make sketches. I have always been an average student and when I began college in 2012 i wasn't really in "school mode." I was admitted into the university for biology major. It was one of the biggest mistake I've ever done. I had an extremely hard time and failed many classes. I was extremely confused about what I wanted as my future. I got out of biology and decided to do something similar to architecture so I changed my path to civil engineering. Ever since I was a child my math abilities were always better then reading/writing, but I'm still not a genius at math, which is why I'm scared that I won't be able to handle the math workload that I have to complete for engineering. I'm taking school WAY more seriously now and I'm slowly bringing up my grades. I would love to graduate as an engineer. Reading the stories of the women on this site have greatly inspired me. Sorry I'm writing a lot! I just don't know anyone who has been in the field and I wanted an opinion of someone that might have the proper advise for me. Thank you so much for your time! i hope to hear from you soon :)
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