Sara Dolatshahi
Ms. Sara Dolatshahi
Nuclear Plant Control Room Supervisor, OPG

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Sara Dolatshahi works at the Control Room of a Canadian Nuclear Power Plant, where select few people ever get to visit. Currently, she is the first and the only female Control Room Shift Supervisor (CRSS) for Pickering Nuclear Units 5 to 8, one of the world's largest nuclear plants. She has a Masters degree in Nuclear Engineering from McMaster University (Canada) and she has been working for Ontario Power Generation since 1999. She was holding positions of varying responsibilities before being selected for the CRSS role, which is an authorized position requiring a license from the Canadian Federal government.   As a CRSS, she is directly responsible for the safe operation of the plant and supervising a team of highly trained authorized nuclear professionals to reliably produce electricity.  Her primary role is to protect the safety of the public, personnel and environment.  She coordinates the activities of the station at the start of each shift to ensure safety testing and maintenance activities can be performed safely and efficiently.  She is also in charge of the personnel response during Emergency situations.   For more information about Ms. Dolatshahi read her extended interview with an EngineerGirl visitor .
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