Dabeera, Islamabad asked Santiana Jean-Baptiste, Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Engineering Professional

AddedSunday, April 19, 2015 at 7:28 PM

How can I prove my worth as a woman biomedical engineer?
Hello, My name is Dabeera and I am a fresh graduate. I am basically a biomedical engineer. I was good in my class hence I have opportunity to work as a lab instructor at a university but I strongly want to proceed as a biomedical engineer with career in an industry. I have recently applied to a pharmaceutical company and now I have an interview call from there. As per your experience please guide me how can I prove my worth as a female biomedical engineer for them? What can I do for pharma setup? I would appreciate the effort.
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  • Santiana Jean-Baptiste , Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Engineering Professional
    Answered Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 7:28 PM
    Hello Dabeera,
    First CONGRATULATIONS on obtaining your degree in Biomedical Engineering, this is a significant milestone.  As a female Biomedical Engineer, your worth is priceless.  During your interview, you will want to focus on your strengths as a problem solver, and describe your approach to solving problems, in your case, make it specific to the Pharma Industry.  
    For example, there are different systems that are used in the Pharma/BioPharma industry.  These systems include, but are not limited to Clean In Place Skids, Steam In Place, Fillers, etc.  Many times as an entry Engineer your job can span from being in Research & Development where you are conducting research to establish requirements for new products and/or systems.  On the other hand, there is also Validation Engineering, in this area your job will be to validate an entire manufacturing process to consistently and efficiently produce a product using these systems (previously mentioned) which will in turn render product that are safe and effective for the end user. In essence it is imperative that you become the subject matter expert for this particular process/product(s).  
    I strongly suggest you research the different systems that are used to manufacture products in the Pharma industry, especially the company you are interviewing for.  Visit their website and look up their product offering.  Do some research on: how these products are manufactured? What are they used for?  Who are the end users (Doctors, Patients, Nurses, etc)?
    Also, be able to communicate your interpersonal skills as it pertains to working in a team, communicating effectively and even strengths in writing.
    Not only will this impress the interviewers, it will also demonstrate how smart you are, your eagerness to learn, and that you are motivated/a self-starter, which are all vital attributes to have in any industry, especially Engineering.  
    Once again, Congratulations!  Whether you choose to stay and work in Academia or not, I’m excited for you. These are all wonderful accomplishments.   I can tell there is a wonderful future awaiting you in the Engineering Industry, regardless of what you choose.  
    All The Best To You, Dabeera!
    Santiana Jean-Baptiste