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I want to work for Nike, but I'm on the other side of the world
Hi, Jennifer Polivka! I am a second year college student taking up BS Materials Engineering at the University of the Philippines. I know that this course covers a wide range of topics. That is why in the fourth year of the course, there is a need for specialization. I really want to work in Nike. After reading your biography, I became more motivated than ever. But the problem is, I don't even know how I would be given the opportunity to work there. Well, first of all, it's in Oregon. It's so far away. How do I get an interview? What are the requirements? How do I get in? I know it's still three years before I graduate but working in Nike has been my dream for a long time now. I know that it is a very prestigious company and they won't easily accept employees. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you very much!
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  • Answered Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 12:33 PM
    Nike is amazing and I truly enjoy my job and the company.  But also be open to other opportunities because you never know what is going to come your way!  I didn't do my studies in university with Nike in mind; I actually intended to work in the medical device industry but found my way to Nike through many twists and turns.
    There is no one specialization that Nike is looking for (we use a lot of different materials) so, for now, keep working on your studies. Because a lot of people have an interest to work for this company due to its international recognition, excelling as best as you can in school or work will be the difference between you and the other candidates.  Whatever you are working on or studying, make sure that it is something you are excited about!
    With that said, Nike has engineering opportunities throughout the world. People I used to work with here in Oregon are now working for Nike in various countries in Asia, Europe, and South America (and other places).  If you are really, truly set on working for Nike, keep an eye out for any opportunity that sounds interesting within the company even if it's not your "ideal" position right away; it is better to gain experience and understand how the company works first. Being able to network and talk with people within the company will help you work your way to whatever position you are going for.