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AddedTuesday, July 1, 2014 at 1:02 AM

How do I decide between economics and engineering?
Hi Debbie! I'm a rising Junior in high school who is slowly trying to figure out what major I should choose for college. I love science and don't mind math class, but I'm not sure if the two combined would be my passion. The idea of engineering sounds awesome to me, but I am intimidated by the degree of difficulty of work it would take to get my degree. Plus, I'm especially intimidated by the rigor of the math I'd have to master. As far as a career goes, people have told me that I'd do great in business but I know I would not be satisfied majoring in it, since you technically don't need a degree to work in the field. Personally, I really want to become an entrepreneur or a CEO of a technical company, since I've always had a strong interest in technology, but I don't know which major would suit me better: economics or engineering. Do you have any advice to guide me in my decision? Thanks so much! You really are an inspiration.