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Heenal , Parsippany

AddedWednesday, August 6, 2014 at 1:27 PM

What do biomedical engineers do?
Hi, I am interested in Biomedical engineering. I am currently a senior at High School and will be applying to college late winter/early spring and I was really wondering what a biomedical engineer does. I am interested in biology, not as much with chemistry. I am a math- algebra type of girl. Not only that but I am interested in cosmetics and was wondering how they linked together and if I could find a potential job with that. Another question is if med school is necessary and how it affects you/your job if you have it. And my last question is if animals/animal testing is very crucial in this field because I have a very large fear of animals of any kind and if that would not be a good choice for me to get in to this field.
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