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Briana , Melbourne, Australia

AddedSunday, July 13, 2014 at 10:19 PM

How to get started to becoming a mechanical engineer
Hi, I am 24 years old and I am currently on the pursuit of trying to figure out what I am wanting to become or move forward towards as a career. I recently watched a video of a 14 year old girl stripping a car and rebuilding it, she has inspired me to want to pursue what I have always loved and that love is CARS! I have always liked cars and I have always been pretty switched on when listening to how things work, I know the basics, in saying that though I do have problems trying to start somewhere? I don't have a workshop or even a garage at my own place because I am renting at the moment so I cant even practice on my own car. I would just like to know how to get started? I know school is the first place but I cant jump straight into mechanical engineering without showing them that I have skill.. thank you for having this website it is great! kind regards, Briana
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  • Victoria Taberner , Phillips 66
    Answered Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 10:19 PM
    Hi Briana,
    Its great that you have discovered what your passion is! Its difficult to recommend a specific route to your chosen career because it very much depends on what your career goals are and what your current level of education is.
    Broadly speaking there are 2 general directions you can choose to follow (but many many ways to get the end result). You can go with a more 'practical' hands on route like an apprencieship or a more 'technical' route which could be getting an automotive engineering degree. Both can lead to very successful careers in engineering.
    As a place to start i would ask the local colleges what courses they offer in the field(s) your interested in. Depending on your level of qualifications/experience they will let you know if you would be able to start a course. If you dont have the entry requirements they will be able to direct you to how you could achieve them. It may be that you need a top up on a few subjects or possibly a do a foundation course. 
    I have found that if you are keen and proactive about making a step forward colleges/universities etc are also keen to try and make it happen for you.
    Colleges know that youve got to start somewhere, nobody is expected to know things straight away and you learn the skills you need as you progress.
    Good luck with it all