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Ayda, Cairo

AddedWednesday, July 9, 2014 at 5:43 PM

Merging fields
Hey Ms. Engineer, I've been really confused lately as to which type of Engineer I should become. On one hand, I love chemistry and chemical engineering pays quite well, but when I go through job descriptions it sounds like we only work with boring materials like paper and plastic. We don't really get to explore and work with new things and make new things. I was also considering Nuclear Engineering which also pays great and I believe that I could become one with a chemical engineering degree, which is something. The job description also bummed me out a bit. It sounds like I'll just be working on sites all day monitoring big machines, making sure they don't break or anything. Then there's mechanical engineering, which I am extremely interested in (minus its lack of chemistry in the material, as well as the significantly lower salary in comparison to the two other fields of engineering that I just mentioned). I really would like to get into that because it doesn't limit me when concerning what I can do with the degree. I can go into aerospace engineering or automotive engineering (hopefully, I mean I'd rather make cars instead of fridges and air conditioners). Another plus side would be the fact that I have plenty of connections here in Egypt because my mother was a senior director at General Motors, Hyundai, and Mercedes-Benz. I'm just concerned that working as a mechanical engineer doesn't turn out to be the job for me and that taking the chemical engineering or nuclear engineering would end up being a better fit. Anyways, I've been rambling. What I was wondering was if there was a way I could keep my options open to all three, like a specific major that I could do that addresses all the essentials for each of these fields of engineering. Or if mechanical engineering majors are subjected to also take chemistry courses or something? Thanks for your help, Ayda
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