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Bri, Davenport

AddedWednesday, July 9, 2014 at 5:25 PM

Hello, I have just finally finished acquiring my degree in chemical engineering. It been a rough road, got dragged down by a cheater in my group, bad partners in projects, and just alot of road blocks. That and paired with me having to work during college and struggling in a few classes my GPA ended up suffering. I am ecstatic that I got the degree i wanted and worked so hard for but now I seem to keep running into road blocks as I am trying to find a job and career. Just about every interviewer has told me that my GPA and poor grades are not desirable. I feel like I am to the point of settling for a lab tech or QC lab job just so I can get some experience and money coming in. But if I do that will I be stuck and be defined to then only be able to get other lab jobs? Thank you for your time.
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