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Van, Philippines

AddedMonday, June 2, 2014 at 9:05 AM

Which is the better engineering career for me?
I am a second year civil engineering student. I decided long ago since I was in high school that I would be in engineering. However I only chose civil because I couldn't decide which engineering discipline I should choose. My college only has 4 courses in engineering including computer engineering. A month ago I thought of pursuing electrical because I learned that it was highest paid (and yes, money does motivate me but its not everything) and I do love technology.But then I realized that EE, besides being the hardest in college, is a job that is ever-changing rapidly due to electrical technology innovations. I've heard that you have to always study new things because knowledge of the past becomes outdated at a fast rate. So its like going to college my whole life learning every innovation that is ever made. And boy! these innovators work very fast in this job. So do you think that this the case with EE? Is it really worth your a while to have a job like this? Or should I just continue civil engineering? I've heard it pays lowest but still not low for a career. Creating buildings and bridges are fascinating (well maybe). I also heard from somewhere that some corrupt politicians compromise with CE to use tax money to inflate public construction budgets while secretly hiding the real price in order to have the extra money for himself and share it with the engineer. That's sick! but does it happen? As for mechanical, i think it is somewhat interesting too. I mean, all the tinkering and stuff. Plus I always hear that nanotechnology is the future. but are mechanical engineers educated enough to work on microscopic level? I need an adult's advice with these. anyone wanna enlighten me? I need guidance.. Please help I live in a third world country in Philippines but I want to work abroad because it is higher pay and better lifestyle.
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