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Ashley , Shreveport, LA

AddedFriday, May 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Why did you pick to be an engineer instead of something else?
Why did you pick to be an engineer instead of something else? 
Whats so fun about being a Engineer?
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  • Dalia Asterbadi , realSociable
    Answered Friday, May 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for reaching out and connecting!  The question re: why I pursued engineering is a loaded, yet great question.  First of all, I believe mathematics and science are the fundamentals behind any discipline, even something as non obvious such as Law, literature etc.  In high school, I enjoyed math very much, and had good influence through mentors who had engineering backgrounds so I saw it as a solid and challenging academic fit for me.  I was really young before attending university and I knew it was imperative to find a discipline that challenged me - and also left the doors open such as business, law or medicine. Since I was young, I knew my ability to pick something was less constructive, yet I was aware that it would impact me for the rest of life.

    Here is my Motto that may help: If you can do something well, with what you like - Imagine what you can do with what you love!"

    Now here is what is amazing and so much fun, Ashley!  Engineering was a great foundation and gave me a boost in the field of interest I had in Technology.  As I transitioned from technical roles to business, the skills I had were prevalent or practice at all in the sales and marketing domain.  So the relentless problem solver that I am, something Engineering taught me!,  I was able to do some amazing things with technology-driven marketing techniques and because these skills were so rare - it catapulted my career and allowed me to work with amazing companies not only to influence their growth, it also gave me an accelerated path to management not to mention a great income. (for my age, at the time, I was likely making 3x the average person was in that field)  When you know the basic principles and can build a discipline of hard work, logic and system design - anything is possible!

    Hope this helps you and if you ever want to connect one-on-one, I would be very happy to do so.  It may not be for everyone, and it is not the only path that can lead you to creativity, growth and passion, it is the path I took and thankful for.

    Speak soon,