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AddedSunday, March 30, 2014 at 5:38 PM

Are there fields of engineering that don't use so much math and science?
I am a high school student who absolutely loves engineering, I participate in an engineering program at school, but Math and Science are not my strong suits. I am good at them but they do not come naturally and I must work extremely hard for my A. I know mathematics and science are important skills to have to be an engineer but are there any parts, fields, or engineering jobs that do not need or use math and science very much? Okay that question may sound dumb but I am just trying to weigh out the possibility of becoming a decent engineer. Thanks!
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  • Nita Patel , L-3 Warrior Systems, Insight
    Answered Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 5:38 PM

    Hi Cecilia. Thanks for your not-dumb question. It's a reasonable thing to wonder. Yes, there are several components of engineering that do not require lots of math and science. There are also some fields that are not as intensive as others. For example, some aspects of computer engineering or software engineering deal more with logic. There are certain mechanical and civil disciplines that focus more on design, materials and assembly. You will find that you need to work through the math and science to understand the concepts. However, once you start working and advance in your career, you have many tools that help you do the hard math -- you just need to know when the answers make sense and how to make trades. As with anything, some hard work is required to be successful. But it seems that you are not only willing but also capable of hard work. Given that, I am sure you will not only be a decent engineer but a successful one. Good luck!