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Jennifer, San Jose

AddedSaturday, November 2, 2013 at 2:05 PM

Having trouble declaring a field
I am having trouble figuring out what field of engineering to get into. I am getting to the point in college where I must state my field (My major right now is general engineering- which is for those who don't know yet) and I just don't know what is the best for me. I have ideas in which I may be interested in, like Mechanical, Civil, or Environmental. What I believe the hard part is that I like activities that employ little bits of each type. For example, I like soldering, design, building things (out of metal, wood, etc). I love math, but don't necessarily "love" physics. At first thought, Mechanical seemed more my thing, however when I looked at the field and I found specialities in things like fluid dynamics, megatronics, etc and those don't seem like me. Then Civil because I enjoy building and designing things that don't necessarily have tiny moving parts within the system. As for environmental, it seems as if it helps animals and the environment. I always loved animals, I even wanted to be a veterinarian in my youth. All these little things from each field are getting me very confused. So I was wondering what you think is best for me, or even other possibilities.
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