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Nicole, Austin

AddedThursday, September 19, 2013 at 11:20 PM

Reentry into engineering field
Hi, I am currently looking to enter into the Engineer field after 8 years of obtaining a B.S in Computer Engineering. I have been a teacher for six years and now I would like to fulfill my life long dreams. People tell me that I am too old (32) to switch careers. Most advice i have received is to move up in education. I also have a Masters in Education. Early in my college life I was told by a professor to switch to Electrical Engineering but due to not having a mentor to guide my education decision I chose not to switch ( I was told this is a man's area). Would it be wise to go back to school for a B.S in EE? Would my age affect entry into this career? And what area could I place my focus?
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  • Sandra Cruz-Pol , Professor
    Answered Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 11:20 PM
    I would definitely say Follow your Dreams!  You have potential and the right reason to pursue an Engineering Field. I did my PhD with two kids, I was the oldest of all grad students, 32 yrs.old, and also the first to graduate among the group! Because you are mature and more focus; that helps a lot! And having a husband who teams up with you is great support! Engineering (Computer or Electrical) is specially a career where there is great demand, and you'll set an example to you students. You'll be  a very positive role model for them.
     I would consider doing an MS or M.E. in EE instead of another B.S. and taking the remedial courses as advised by the institution to fill gaps given your BS was in C.Eng. 
    I think starting from scratch is a bit of a waste of time, but that depends on the program you choose and whether they validate your previous courses common between Computer Eng. and EE.
    Try to keep fit and healthy, and I don't think your age will affect entry to a career. :)
    THe area depends on what you like and what programs that are convenient to you (close or whatever) have to offer.
    You can always change specific area later.  Or you could just go back to work as Computer Engineering if you like that, for a while and 'test the waters", see what's up in that field. I wonder why you never worked on it, and decided to teach I assume High school ?)
    I wish you success!