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Alphonsa, Singapore

AddedSunday, March 10, 2013 at 1:51 AM

Choosing my undergraduate programme
Hello, I'm a student from singapore choosing my undergraduate programme in university, and i'm kind of uncertain about which field of engineering to choose! I'm interested in mechanical engineering and computer engineering, and now i'm kind of wondering if mechanical engineering is my thing. I've always been interested in what make things move and i have a great passion in the automotive industry aspect. However Singapore doesn't provide automotive engineering courses and that only means i can do that in my masters in the future overseas... BUT recently i've been hearing that mechanical engineers have to deal with how things support the weight of people etc and honestly i am not really interested in subjects like thermodynamics.. or fluid dynamics??? i like motors and engines and the design but not really the feasible aspect if you get what i mean!! I prefer actually building and creating things, and so i would really appreciate it if someone tells me what mechanical engineering is really about more than just calculating whether something can support someone's weight and not just plain maintainence of pipes, machines etc. i'm kind of more interested in the design aspect of products and machines, so do tell me more of what a design engineer actually does! And yes, what is electrical and electronic engineering mainly about? how is it different from computer engineering? (my university offers computer engineering :3 they say its a mix) Is electrical engineering all about creating microchips or?? i kind of want to be the one building and innovating things and im confused on what field i should go to! so pleasee please help me and thank you very very much! lastly, do computer engineers have to strain their eyes and stare at computers all day? :( Thanks!! Alphonsa
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  • Answered Sunday, March 10, 2013 at 1:51 AM

    Hi Alphonsa,

    You have lots of questions!  I would start by looking at our Try on a Career section.  It will give you a basic idea of what different engineers can do. 

    Studying mechanical engineering is a great way to get into the automotive industry, but you will need to take things like thermo and fluid dynamics.  Engineers are definitely the people who design and they certainly do more than maintaining pipes, but understanding how to calculate the load an object can support is a really important part of that.  You wouldn't want to design an engine that would fall apart as soon as it was placed into an actual automobile would you?  Nor would you want to design an engine that runs so hot that it causes a car to explode so you need thermo.  You'll also need to understand fluid dynamics so you know what happens when gasoline moves through the engine or is transported from the tank.

    Electrical engineers also do lots of different things including designing microchips and circuits.  I would guess that computer engineering places a heavier emphasis on programming, but you'll need to speak with your university to find out what classes you would be required to take.  Ultimately, most engineers learn to design and create things, and a university degree gives you the tools to do it safely and understand the aspects of different types of design.  Go for what interests you.  You may not like all of your classes, but you may find that you like some more than you thought you would.  Once you are done, you will have a much better idea which field within your degree would interest you the most.  Good luck!