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Lisa, Utah

AddedTuesday, January 1, 2013 at 10:33 PM

Joining the Navy as a biomedical engineer
Hi, I am a junior in High School and will be graduating with my associates degree and high school diploma next year. I am trying to figure what I engineering major I should do for my Bachelors, I want to go into the engineering field because I want to sign up with the Navy as an Officer (Which you need a bachelors degree for.) My main dilemma is I want to become a Biomedical Engineer and like I said above I also have a dream of joining the Navy, but the Navy will not accept you into their engineering field with a Biomedical engineering degree. So I have to choose another branch of engineering to major in so I can join the Navy. I've decided to minor in Biomedical engineering and later get a Masters in it, but what engineering field should I get my Bachelors in that would prepare me or be good with Biomedical engineering? Thanks in advance for your help
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