Nathalie Quintero, Daytona Beach, FL asked Victoria Coverstone, University of Illinois

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Internship Opportunities
Hello. I just finish my freshman year of Aerospace Engineering. I love all related to airplanes, and my dream job is to something combining airplanes with spaceships just as Virgin Galactic is doing. During my freshman year, it was a bit of a struggle keeping up with the classes, and also coming from Venezuela to USA. I've been really good in math and physics. I currently have a 3.72 of CGPA. Sometimes I doubt myself if I can make it, but I'm more concerned about getting an internship, because is such a competitive field it also scares me. What do you think should I do if I want to have an internship by the end of my Sophomore year? Should I wait and take more courses before considering an internship? Also, I see that many internships require you to have a strong knowledge on programming, and really programming isn't my strongest point. I love doing CAD drawings, I use CATIA V5 at my school. I'm more of a design/manufacture type of person, but what I constantly see in internship posts is the proficiency in programming. This is scaring sometimes, because it makes me wonder If i would get or not get an internship in the future. Thanks!
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  • Victoria Coverstone , University of Illinois
    Answered Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 3:22 PM
    Dear Nathalie, Congratulations on doing well in the challenging aerospace engineering curriculum. You should be proud of your accomplishments and have confidence in your abilities. I recommend that you consider an internship during the summer after your sophomore year. This way, you will have completed some technical coursework and this is a good time to begin considering what you would like to do after you complete your BS degree. Start looking into companies this fall, since many of them will hire in the fall for the coming summer. Also, this leaves you the spring to continue to look, if you can not locate the internship in the fall. Not all internships require programming, so explore multiple opportunities in the traditional aerospace companies, NASA and government laboratories. I wish you the best of luck.