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Late Entry Program for Engineering

I recently learned about a program at Boston University called LEAP for Late Entry Accelerated Program, but they don't offer a civil engineering option. I am 24, graduated with a liberal arts degree two years ago, and I want to go back to school to pursue engineering. I'd like to get a BS as quickly as possible; any ideas? Thanks, Lauren
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  • Answered Monday, April 2, 2012 at 10:49 AM

    Hi Lauren, I am unfamiliar with that program, but it does seem very unique.  I do not know of any similar programs that allow you to go back to get another undergraduate degree. You may consider calling the university to discuss your options with them.  Although they do not have a civil eng. option you may be able to structure your coursework such that there is a lot of overlap with a civil engineering degree.  It is not uncommon for engineers to switch disciplines if their work and research are related to another area. Otherwise, if you are serious about a degree in civil engineering you may just have to try to transfer as many of your previous courses as you can into a regular engineering program.  Good luck.  -Simil