2018 Engineering for Your Community

Other Finalists
  • Megan U.
    Lights on Community Sports Fields
    Grade 4 - Puesta del Sol Elementary School (Bellevue, WA, United States)
  • Reid Baum
    More drains for more games!
    Grade 4 - Puesta del Sol Elementary School (Bellevue, WA, United States)
  • Madison Cox
    Waste Management: Finxing its Flaw
    Grade 5 - Green Pines Elementary (Wildwood, MO, United States)
  • Hayden Toole
    Engineering a Safe Way to School
    Grade 4 - Piney Branch Elementary School (Takoma Park, MD, United States)
  • Lola FBF
    Engineer Girl 2018
    Grade 5 - P.S.290q, Geraldine Ferraro Campus (Woodside, NY, United States)
  • Melanie
    Swing, Slide, Spin
    Grade 5 - Dorothy Eisenberg Elementary School (United States)
  • Acadia U.
    Super Sensational Solar Solutions: Ideas for Parks
    Grade 4 - Myron J. Francis Elementary School (Rumford, RI, United States)
  • Lila Boutin
    Where Should I Put My Waste?
    Grade 4 - Davis School for Independent Study (Davis, CA, United States)
Other Finalists
  • F. De Soriano
    Presentation to District 10 City Council on Saving Students through STEM (Structural Engineering)
    Grade 6-8 - Homeschool (Bronx, NY, United States)
  • Elisabeth Buchanan
    A Solution to Microplastic Pollution
    Grade 8 - Sumner Middle School (Sumner, WA, United States)
  • E.R. Smith
    The Problem of Potholes in Our Community
    Grade 7 - Ottawa Hills Junior High (Toledo, OH, United States)
  • Caroline Seehorn
    The Solution for Electrical Outages
    Grade 7 - Harpeth Hall (Franklin, TN, United States)
  • Olivia Majors
    How to Fix the Nashville Flow
    Grade 7 - Harpeth Hall (Nashville, TN, United States)
  • Mackenzie Sloan
    The Future of Student Safety
    Grade 7 - Glacier Creek Middle School (Middleton, WI, United States)
  • Rohan Satapathy
    Let Me Pass! I'm Late to School!
    Grade 7 - John C Dunham STEM Partnership School (Naperville, IL, United States)
  • Anusha Puri
    The Power of Recycling
    Grade 7 - Beechwood Elementary School (Fullerton, CA, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Nicole Burns
    Infractions from Energy Extractions
    Grade 11 - Garfield High School (Seattle, WA, United States)
  • Sreenidhi Sankararaman
    Traffic Management Made Smarter
    Grade 9 - Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Herndon, VA, United States)
  • Ananya Ganesh
    Prevent Another 3/30! : A Solution for Bridge Failure
    Grade 10 - The Westminster Schools (Sandy Springs, GA, United States)
  • Winnie Wang
    Los Angeles City Council: Air Pollution Public Safety
    Grade 9 - Granada Hills Charter High School (Chatworth, CA, United States)
  • Grant Reidy
    Motion Activated Street Lights
    Grade 9 - Bishop Kenny High School (Jacksonville, FL, United States)
  • Katelyn Kunert
    Ensuring Water Security: A New Type of Water Main
    Grade 12 - South River HS (Davidsonville, MD, United States)
  • Lily England
    Energy-Generating Stationary Bikes in Jacksonville
    Grade 9 - Bishop Kenny High School (Saint Johns, FL, United States)
  • Hattie Compton-Moen
    Engineering our Earthquakes
    Grade 10 - St Margaret's College (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)