Maggie Bartolomeo
Maggie Bartolomeo
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Maggie Bartolomeo works with The National Academy of Engineering as a Communications/Media Associate. She studied Communication and Theatre at the University of Maryland and has a background in media production, including sound design and broadcast engineering.
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  • Added 11 days AGO

    I'm researching you for school project and you are pretty amazing
    Answers 1
    Ayanna Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Answered 5 days AGO
    I truly do enjoy designing, building, and programming the intelligence of robotic systems. Robotics allows me to not only be creative by using my engineering and computer science skills but allows me to geek out on amazing technology.
  • Added 13 days AGO

    I'm finishing my freshman year of college and I finally decided on a major that I want to dedicate myself to: bioengineering. The problem I have is that my university only offers degrees in: civil, computer, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Due to certain circumstances, I cannot transfer or switch schools. I'm not sure if any of these degrees will allow me to pursue such an intriguing and rewarding career in bioengineering/biomedical engineering (or even chemical engineering). I would ...
    Answers 1
    Jennifer Elisseeff, Johns Hopkins University
    Answered 5 days AGO
    You can definitely work in biomedical engineering with an electrical engineering degree! I have had graduate students with this background start working on tissue engineering projects and now working in a more biologically oriented field. There are also ...Read More
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