2016 Responsible Engineering

Other Finalists
  • Riya Dutta
    Building our Future with Microscale-3D Printing
    Grade 5 - Leonard Elementary School (Troy, MI, United States)
  • Julia Fritz
    3D Printed Organs
    Grade 4 - Puesta Del Sol Elementary School (Bellevue, WA, United States)
  • Anika Herce-Duchini
    Self-Driving School Bus
    Grade 5 - Hillendale Elementary School (Chadds Ford, PA, United States)
  • Julia Rafferty
    Google Cardboard as a Virtual Reality Headset
    Grade 5 - Lake Tract School (Deptford, NJ, United States)
  • Sadie Stewart
    The Sun Oven
    Grade 3 - Homelife Academy (Thompsons Station, TN, United States)
  • Asmithaa Vinukonda
    Robots to Recover Offshore Oil Spills
    Grade 4 - Brunson Elementary School (Winston Salem, NC, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Taylor Beatty
    Virtually Life-Changing Technology
    Grade 8 - Briar Middle School (Sandusky, OH, United States)
  • Sangita Kunapuli
    The Robot of the Future
    Grade 8 - Kennedy Middle School (Cupertino, CA, United States)
  • Annabella Lucente
    Technology In Sports
    Grade 7 - Hamlin School for Girls (San Francisco, CA, United States)
  • Sneha Muthe
    The Talking Lifesaver
    Grade 8 - Cresthill Middle school (HighLands Ranch, CO, United States)
  • Somya Pandey
    3D-Printed Limbs and Organs: Coming To A Body Near You
    Grade 8 - Triangle Math and Science Academy (Cary, NC, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Chinmaya Andukuri
    Economical Solar Energy: Today's Vision, Tomorrow's Reality
    Grade 9 - Westwood High School (Austin, TX, United States)
  • Lyz Erlandson
    The Future of Bionics
    Grade 11 - Mount Vernon High School (Mount Vernon, IA, United States)
  • Jack Finnegan
    Making Solar Panels More Efficient and Economical
    Grade 12 - Savannah Arts Academy (Savannah, GA, United States)
  • Nicholas Fotopoulos
    CRISPR/Cas9: The Science Fiction Dream That is Now a Reality
    Grade 11 - Biotechnology High School (Shrewsbury, NJ, United States)
  • Melina Joseph
    Shine the Laser, Drop the Procedure: Optical Pacemakers
    Grade 9 - Engineering and Science University Magnet School (West Haven, CT, United States)
  • Pranavi Nara
    PanDocs: Working today, to create a better tomorrow
    Grade 11 - Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Fairfax, VA, United States)
  • Amelia Nicot
    Brain Like a Sieve? Don't Worry; You'll Live.
    Grade 11 - Gonzalo Garza Independence High School (Austin, TX, United States)
  • Amirah Rashed
    Providing Clean Water to the World: Solar-Powered Desalination Plants
    Grade 10 - J. P. Taravella High School (Coral Springs, FL, United States)
  • Sahana Srinivasan
    Solely Solar: An Investigation into the Economical Considerations of Solar Technology
    Grade 10 - The Harker School (Saratoga, CA, United States)