Essay Contest Scorecard 2007-2009

EngineerGirl!Essay Contest Scorecard (2009)



Subject (15 points)

Topic is addressed in an original way and includes specific details that clarify ideas

Accuracy and Attention to Detail (20 points)

Facts are consistent; references (including citations of copyrighted material) included as appropriate

Narrative (20 points)

Engages the reader with a unique perspective on the topic, helps the reader understand why the topic is important



Organization (15 points)

Logical and effective placement of details, smooth transitions between main points, good introduction and conclusion

Language (15 points)

Vocabulary and phrasing add interest, demonstrates careful choice of words

Rhythm (5 points)

Writing flows well, can be read aloud with natural expression



Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling (10 points)

Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation


Total Score (100 points)