Engineering For Today by Kristin Ronzi

Engineering For Today

by Kristin Ronzi, Euclid, OH
Second Place (grades 4-6)

MAN LANDS ON MOON, FIRST LASER CREATED, and SPACE SHUTTLE ORBITS EARTH are all headlines that would not have been possible without engineering. Engineering has affected lives around the world in ways that seemed impossible.

Life as we know it would not be the same without the engineers that have helped design the tools we use in everyday lives like cars, telephones, computers, and microchips. During the Space Age, engineers hurried to design a space shuttle to land on the moon before the Russians did, and because of them we have new understanding of planets, atmospheric pressure, and gravity.

Some of the engineering discoveries have saved lives like artificial organs and anesthetics during surgery. Without these medical discoveries, the world’s population would not be as high as it is today and many people would have died without the special medical needs that have recently been created. There are still many areas yet to be explored in medicine, but medical technicians are working hard to learn more about different diseases and cures.

Mechanical engineers have made transportation a lot easier for us because instead of walking to school or work, we can take cars, buses, and trams. The new car and SUV models protect passengers a lot better because of crash tests and research done by the engineers at GM, Ford and other car companies. These new model of cars are designed for extra protection with more air bags and seatbelts. After 9/11/01 the safety around America has been upgraded with new security systems and the color-coded terrorist threat chart.

One of the most famous items that was engineered is often seen around the world in homes and in teenagers’ pockets and purses. This object is commonly known as the iPod. It originated from England and now the line has a variety of products from iTunes, iPods, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle. They even make iPod holders, iPods for cars and iPod handheld remotes. The inventor of the iPod line for Apple was well rewarded for creating these mini computers because when the queen of England heard of the great success of this line, she made the British born Steve Jobs a knight. This great achievement has shaped teenagers lives and changed the way we listen and learn about music.


Engineers have helped a lot with natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, waterspouts, floods, earthquakes, and more by designing building and homes to protect the inhabitants and reduce the risk of death by these disasters and their aftermaths. The houses are specially built with uncommon parts like stilts and subbasements for tornadoes.

Engineering is one of the most important achievements of ancient times that has proven the test of time and survived. It has brought on a whole new look to culture and has given us supplies to use in life like computers, iPods, laptops, artificial body parts, boomboxes, internet, and more. Many people would have died without the technology that we have and are going to invent in the future.