The Future of Engineering: The Space Elevator by Palmer Leff

I think that in the next fifty years, engineers will create a space elevator. The space elevator will be located in the Arctic Ocean at exactly seventy-eight degrees north latitude and fifteen degrees west longitude. The bottom of the elevator will go one mile into the ocean floor. Since it is so cold where the base of the elevator is located, the base will get frozen solid so it won't move. The elevator will be made out of iron, nickel, and other metals so it can withstand the heat in the Earth's atmosphere. The elevator will go out four miles after it reaches the end of the atmosphere. When the elevator goes five hundred and five kilometers up, it will stop. The people will walk onto a pathway which is connected to another elevator, which will go up the rest of the way. This pathway will be fifteen feet wide, ten feet up, and will stretch for thirty feet. There will be two windows on both walls, so people could look into space. Connected to the pathway, there will be three little pods, and in case of an emergency, people can escape in them and go to the space station. Each pod is seven feet wide, six feet high, and ten feet in depth. The space elevator will mainly be controlled by Russia and the United States. It will mainly be used for scientists. Tourists can go on, but scientists go on before other people. Both of the elevators have four windows, one on each side. At the top of the second elevator, there will be an observatory. In the observatory, there will be a rocket ship. The scientists can bring their equipment in it and travel around space. It can't go too far, because it has to be reusable. It would need more fuel eventually. After the rocket is used, it can go back to the observatory and get more fuel. The elevators will have space suits in case the people need to leave in the pods. The space suits will mainly be used when the people reach the pathway. The space suits will help the people stay cool. The elevator will take between seventy-five and one hundred years to make. It will be very useful to scientists. The world will gain much knowledge of space. I really do hope that the space elevator is built.