Protect yourself

Protect Yourself
Cassidy Wagner from McHenry, IL
Third Place, Grades 4-8

Every day bad things happen to women and children. Whether our fear is robbery, murder, or even rape, we should all have a way to protect ourselves. It may feel like it isn’t safe to go anywhere by yourself anymore. This is why every woman should have the electric vest. The electric vest shocks from the outside. It fits securely and unnoticeably under your clothes. It also alerts police that you are in danger. It sends a latitude and longitude graph on the police screen to show you where you are.

You might be thinking, "What if I don’t want to get shocked?" That is why it is insulated. To start your system of shocking, press your secret button. "Where is it?" you ask. It is a ring. All you do is press the top down. Your vest will shock whatever grabs you from the sides, front or back, guaranteed. What if the person isn’t grabbing you; what if he/she has a gun or knife up to you? Naturally, you would probably freeze and follow his/her commands, but why should you? He/she is not the boss - you are. That is why you should have the blinding necklace.

The necklace looks like a diamond necklace. The diamonds are all around your neck. Here is the catch. They aren’t really diamonds; they are actually lights. The necklace is like a tiny computer. It plots inside the necklace where the attacker eyes are. Once the necklace figures out...say, “Cheese,” because this necklace will shoot flashes of bright light that will blind your attacker for at least one and a half minutes, giving you plenty of time to escape. This necklace will also alert police, telling them where you are. It does this by sending latitude and longitude signals to the police department’s computer.

How do we keep our children safe? That’s an easy question. The answer is the “I.N.H. belt.” That stands for “I need help.” Here is how it works. Whenever a kid is in need of help, he/she pushes the buckle on the front of the belt. The belt screams very loudly, “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE!” Or it says, “Stranger, Stranger, HELP ME!!” This belt automatically tells police the exact location of where you are. It also tracks on a screen with a map of where you are going at every moment, whether you are walking or driving. The belt won’t stop screaming until a police officer comes to turn it off.

If your kids don’t like to wear belts there is still one option left. It is small and tiny but it just might work. It is a mouthpiece. It fits securely around their very back tooth. The child only needs to push it with his/her tongue. That will notify the police and the parents where tjhe child is. The parents wear a watch that comes with a map grid to display where the child is located. You might think, "What if food sets it off?" Well my friend, that is no problem because you could buy a cap to cover it and then the kid uses his/her tongue to click it closed when eating, or to open it up when needed. These products might save your life. As you can see, these are safe for you and not your attacker. Eventually there might not be any more attackers, because they would get harmed from any woman or child that has one of these devices. You will feel better about walking alone or leaving your kids alone by themselves.

Everyone deserves to feel and be safe.