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I feel like I made the wrong decision

Hello. I was the same as you. Somehow I thought engineering was not for me. In high school, they recommended Biology and lower math. so I missed out on physics. After getting my high school diploma, I did not feel like going back to school to study physics and math again so I did economics. In economics, I always like the Math subject the most and the study was alright. Now I have been working for 4 years and I really think it was the wrong decisions and I should have studied engineering. I feel stuck on what to do and what type of engineering degree I would even do. I am currently in Germany and here I can enroll with my past degree straight away into an engineering bachelor. Could you give me any advice?
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  • Katrina Regan , Southern California Gas
    Answered Monday, May 4, 2015 at 11:36 AM
    An engineering degree would definitely open more paths to you. An undergrad degree typically requires at least a complete series of calculus, stats, and differential equations on the math side. One of the first inquiries you should make is to determine if any of your previous undergraduate classes will transfer and fulfill the degree requirements for engineering. Secondly you should consider if you are able to attend full time or if you will be a part-time student; timeline may be a determining factor.
    If this sounds like too much of a drawn out process and you already have an undergraduate degree in economics, perhaps you could consider graduate studies. An MBA in finance or accounting may open up more doors to you and you would most likely have the foundation courses already. 
    Lastly, if you have only worked in one position with your economics degree, there are multiple ways it could be applied and all you may need is a job switch. Good Luck!