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Choosing the best program for me

Hi, I am currently a student in Grade 12 and I have always dreamed of working in a hospital environment. Due to a few reasons, I was only looking for a program (medical related) which would take a maximum of 3 years to complete. I applied to 2 programs which I was most interested in which is 1) BioMedical Engineering and 2) Health Informatics. Both these courses are for 3 years and I would be receiving n Advanced Diploma from Centennial College in Canada. I have been accepted into both my programs but I am very confused regarding which offer I should take up. As a student, I have always been excellent in my English, Social Sciences and Sciences but I have always struggled with math. I would like to get your opinion if you could share any information you know, pros and cons or absolutely anything which would help me choose between the two. Questions such as which job has the most scope, is secure and stable in the next 10 years. Your answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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