Stories Engineered to Inspire

2019 Contest Winners

Elementary School (Grades 3-5)

Henrietta Rasmusson

5th Grade at Douglas J. Regan Intermediate School (Pendleton, NY)

The Princess and the Dragon

First Place

Vishnu Mangipudi

5th Grade (Bellevue, WA)

Amanda Jones' Pollution Solution

Second Place

Viraj Shah

3rd Grade at Sterling Montessori (Cary, NC)

Unlock The Legacy

Third Place

Adria Roller

4th Grade at Brooks Harbor Elementary (West Fargo, ND)

Better Together

Honorable Mention


Unity Elementary School (Luthersville, GA)

Engineer Girl - Treehouse Rescue

Honorable Mention

Other Finalists

Achratya's Water Crisis by Mythreya Dharani
5th Grade at Primoris Academy (Paramus, NJ)

The Purple Butterfly by Chloe Wilson
5th Grade at Kay Pace School of the Arts (Hampton, GA)

“JUST CLEAN IT” by Mario Ben Arias
5th Grade at Piney Branch Elementary School (Takoma Park, Maryland)

787 Mayday: Hero Saves 787 Flight in Trouble by Teriauna Carruthers
5th Grade at George Marks Elementary, Deland, FL (Deland, FL)

A New Kind Of Fountains by Haylee A.
5th Grade (Pennsylvania)

Kayla's Big Idea by Eleanor Katsiris
5th Grade at Homeschool (Stone Mountain, GA)

The Medicine Machine by Mar Pizarro
5th Grade at The Metropolitan School of Panama (Panama City, Panama)

Engineering girl by Bridget King
5th Grade at Braelinn Elementary, Peachtree City, GA (Fayetteville, GA)

Saving the Monk Seals by Maira H.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Noor Azam-Naseeruddin

7th Grade at Renaissance Home school (Washington, DC)

A Hawaiian Adventure

First Place

Srinidhi Gubba

8th Grade at Meadow Park Middle School (Beaverton, OR)

The Defend-A-Band

Second Place

Sarah Hinds

7th Grade at The Harpeth Hall School (Nashville, TN)

Aye, Aye Captain!

Third Place

Yifang (Grace) Liang

7th Grade at The York School (Toronto, Ontario)

To Give Care

Honorable Mention

Nikki Dutton

8th Grade at DaVinci Learning Academy (Orlando, FL)

Spread Your Wings

Honorable Mention

Other Finalists

The Unending Faucet by Jessica Doss
Forest Heights STEM Academy (Little Rock, Arkansas)

The Weight of the World by Calvin Que
8th Grade at Ballou Junior High School, Puyallup, WA (Sumner, Washington)

Safety Over Stereotypes by Michelle
7th Grade at Hanahan Middle School (Hanahan, South Carolina)

Spring Waters by Kevin R.
Kinard Core Knowledge Middle School, Fort Collins, CO (Fort Collins, CO)

Overcome by Mikol Rosa
8th Grade at Cooper Middle School (Marietta, GA)

How To Get Yourself Out Of Sticky Situation by Sofia Korostyshevsky
8th Grade at NEST+m (New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math) in New York City (Brooklyn, NY)

High School (Grades 9-12)

Audrey Rappaport

12th Grade at Eleanor Roosevelt High School (Bowie, MD)

May The Best Bridge Win

First Place

Mikalee Williams

12th Grade at Belleview High School (Belleview, FL)

The Obvious Problem

Second Place

Isabel Hwang

11th Grade at St. Andrew’s School (Middletown, DE)

Jane, Escaping the Tower

Third Place

Natalie Salvatierra

9th Grade at Foothill High School (Santa Ana, CA)

Under Pressure

Honorable Mention

Other Finalists

Nuclear Disaster by Brooke Hardy
12th Grade at Edgewater High School (Orlando, FL)

Hey! Who Turned Out The Lights!? by Hailey Zeissler
12th Grade at Rosemount High School (Rosemount, Minnesota)

Chemical Engineer, Kathleen:  The Case of (CH3)2CHO]CH3P(O)F by Katherine Wilson
12th Grade at Mt. Greylock Regional (Lanesboro, MA)

A Tough Call by Erin Langridge
9th Grade at Winchester High School (Winchester, Massachusetts)

Tales of a Ninjaneer by Sarah Sitton
9th Grade at Homeschool (Waco, TX)

Crown by Aditi Talati
11th Grade (California)

Out of Oxygen by Marta Olson
9th Grade at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, CA (San Carlos, California)

Hope and Home by Mrigaanka Sharma
Class 10 Grade at Hiranandani Foundation School, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, India (Mumbai, Maharashtra)

It takes a Village by Sarina Sugita
11th (Year 12) Grade at Bangkok Patana (Bangkok, Bang Chak)

Bella Estrella by Jonathan Reyes
12th Grade at Diamond Bar High School (Diamond Bar, California)

One Table, Two Countries by Keunyoung Bae
12th Grade at Cheongshim International Academy (Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea)

Once An Empty Jar by Rachel Chae
10th Grade at Centreville High School (Clifton, VA)