Ashley Stubbe
Ashley Stubbe
Mechanical Engineer, Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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In high school I was very fortunate to have many engineering courses available to me. I took my first engineering class as a freshman and I loved it. These classes were the only ones that would give me a project or assignment and allow me to do anything with it as long as it worked. I enjoyed being challenged to solve problems in unique ways. After high school I went to a two year campus to take my general courses and then transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was here at Madison where I joined a wonderful organization for women in technical science and engineering fields, Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority. This organization gave me opportunities for leadership and helped me improve myself both professionally and socially. I have recently graduated with my Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and have started working on my Master's degree in biological systems engineering.

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Volunteer Opportunities
  • I am willing to serve as science fair judge or other temporary volunteer at a local school.
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  • Ellie asked Ashley Stubbe, University of Wisconsin - Madison

    Added Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 6:14 PM

    Hi- I'm I'm sophomore in high school currently. I find artificial intelligence extremely interesting and think it would be an absolutely incredible career for numerous reasons- interesting, rewarding, beneficial to a lot of people, etc. I'm having a lot of trouble choosing the correct classes however. I want to take as many science and math classes as possible pretty much. As a mechanical engineer which classes do you think would be MOST helpful to take in high school? I have options such as AP ...
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    Ashley Stubbe, University of Wisconsin - Madison
    Answered Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 6:14 PM
    Hi Ellie,
    When I was in high school I was able to take some project based general engineering courses that helped teach me to think and problem solve like and engineer. The program was called project lead the way. If you have something similar to that ...
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