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Mechanical or Biomedical engineering major?
Hello, I am applying to college this month and was pretty set on majoring in biomedical engineering. I want to pursue tissue engineering or something related to that. However, I came across an old thread that said there it is hard for BME majors to find jobs outside or college and BME is usually designed for students who will go to med school. They said Mechanical was better because it was more broad and more companies were more willing to hire an ME than a BME. Is that still true? The discussion I read was from 3 years ago. I don't know if I want to go to med school but I am considering it. But I am also scared that it'll be hard to find a job after. So should I take ME? My friend told me BME is the fastest growing engineering right now and also told me ME is the hardest engineering major to get accepted to. Would it be better if I applied for ME and later had a biomedical focus?
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  • Christine Schmidt , University of Florida
    Answered Monday, November 26, 2018 at 10:13 AM
    Either option is a good option! There are definitely many jobs for BME graduates right after they receive their bachelors degree - many of our students go straight into industry. The numbers getting jobs directly with ME degrees may be higher, but then a lot of these jobs are “non-bio." Some students prefer to get a degree in a more traditional engineering major such as ME, and then take elective courses in “bio” to specialize. They feel this pathway is “safer” and provides them with “backup options." These students may also choose to do an advanced degree in BME, thus having both degrees. Others decide to do BME from the beginning. These students are passionate about BME and don’t want the “safety net” of a traditional engineering degree because they only want to work in the bio area (so a “backup” job in another field of engineering is not an attractive option to them). There is no right or wrong answer. You can achieve the same end goal with both pathways. I say look at the curricula for both programs and meet with faculty and/or staff at programs you are considering, and then go with what feels like the best fit!