Millennium Force Roller Coaster

Egirl   Team Posted on March 27, 2012 by Egirl Team
Millennium Force Roller Coaster


When it opened in May 2000, Millennium Force broke or helped to break twelve world records.

The Millennium Force Roller Coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio was an engineering marvel at the time it was built, and it still continues to dazzle amusement park visitors.  Not only was it the fastest but also the world's largest and tallest steel roller coaster at the time. It was the first coaster to use an elevator cable system to get it up the first hill, and it used a magnetic braking system instead of friction. At 310 feet, it was the first coaster to top 300 feet, and it travels at speeds up to 92 miles per hour! The coaster has 226 footers, which contain 9400 yards of concrete. The best thing about the coaster is that it takes riders up at a 45 degree angle and they go down at an 80 degree angle - almost straight down! 


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